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Colton Chapman
1 day ago

Red Carpet at The CMA Awards.

2 days ago

💰Cash GiveAway for Christmas 🎄 Nominate someone who deserves $500 cash to help with Christmas this year. Send me a message, tell me their story. The Colton Chapman Music Team is excited to help ... See more

3 days ago

My new song, “We Drink Booze” comes out next week. Had a blast in the studio with this song.

6 days ago

My new single, “We Drink Booze” comes out next week ! This song is like nothin we’ve done before ! Y’all ready ?!

1 week ago

“You ain’t seen my Wild Side”

1 week ago

I want to thank some people for helping me out in my career. Some really big stuff has happened this week. I’m really excited. Can’t wait to tell y’all the big news. I wanna thank all of you ... See more

2 weeks ago

Indianapolis ! Y’all were fun. We’ll see ya again soon.

3 weeks ago

“I’m still me, I’m still the same, I still think about you night and day. I’m still here carryin on, hopin one day you might come back home and if your wondering if I ever changed, I’m ... See more

1 month ago
"Whiskey Shot"

To that one person you cant get off your mind.
New Song, "Whiskey Shot"
Share and Tag some friends.
Thanks Yall.

1 month ago

“I might catch a buzz, I might black out or I might remember it all. But if I get to drinkin and start thinkin, your the one I’ll call. Because a whiskey shot makes me think of you”
Acoustic ... See more

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